Huddersfield SOUP № 9

Socially crowdfunding Huddersfield ideas

13 November 2019



The concept of SOUP is simple – come along, make a small donation that includes bowl of soup, and listen to four local people pitch their ideas ranging from art, social enterprise, education, technology and more.

The pitcher of the winning idea is awarded the micro-grant raised from the audience and use it to fund their plans, with the promise they will come back three months later to report on their progress.

Four Pitches

Four finalists present their projects...

Four minutes just four minutes...

Four Questions

...and take four questions from the audience




There is soup, bread and a licensed bar,


discussion and debate about the pitches,


a showcase of local music talent,


and a vote on who takes home the micro-grant



The winning pitch receives 100% of the money donated to attend to SOUP. It's then up to them to use their micro-grant to help them on their way to make their idea a reality. They also promise to come along to the next SOUP to update everyone on how it has been going.