Zephyr Puts The Soup In Huddersfield Soup

Huddersfield’s Zephyr Bar and Kitchen has agreed to donate freshly made soup to support the crowd-funding phenomenon Huddersfield SOUP.

The concept of a SOUP event is simple – come along and make a minimum £5 donation in return for a bowl of soup and a chance to vote for your favourite pitch from four local people, each vying for the night’s takings. Their ideas may range from art and social enterprise to education and technology brainwaves. The winner will then be awarded the micro-grant.

Huddersfield’s inaugural SOUP event is set to take place at The Media Centre’s Café Ollo on Wednesday 16th November.

Commenting on why he chose to donate the soup, Zephyr’s owner Lee Alderman said: “I was immediately drawn to the concept of SOUP. Towns with a community like Huddersfield rely on ideas and entrepreneurs in order to thrive.

“It needs the energy from people willing to put themselves out there and to find like-minded people wanting to listen. Together, with shared enthusiasm and knowledge, brilliant things can happen. I’m excited to see who’ll win the ‘pot’ of funds from the first event!”

Lee Alderman and Brent Woods

Lee Alderman and Brent Woods

Brent Woods, CEO of The Media Centre and founder of Huddersfield SOUP says he is thrilled to have Zephyr supporting the event. “Zephyr is one of Huddersfield’s best independent restaurant and bars, located in the iconic Neaversons unit on Byram Street.

“Lee understands the value of supporting and collaborating on ideas and shares our passion to help make Huddersfield an exciting and creative place to live and work. It’s great to have him and his team involved. And, it helps that Zephyr makes great soup!”

Brent Woods